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History of the Club

Established in 1968, by a small but determined group of Golden Retriever lovers each with the enthusiasm to promote the magnificent qualities and durability accompanied by the family-suited temperament on offer by the Golden Retriever. The relentless hard work and determination to succeed by these people resulted in what we now know and love as the official Golden Retriever Club of Wales; boasting a current membership of 425 which number is ever increasing. Mrs Margaret Ballinger (Meadowgreen), President and Mrs Joy Pritchard (Trebettyn),  can take pride in the fact that they were amongst the founder members of the Club. From what started as only a few people with the common ground of love for a most elegant and affectionate dog, a prestigious Club was formed. Offering not only a place to meet and discuss the love for their dogs but to help and assist raise the profile and awareness of Golden Retrievers and their beauty. The Club is a place with a homely feel welcoming not only experienced Golden owners but also new inexperienced dog lovers in search of the perfect family pet.

The Club Today and What it Can Offer You

The Club has much to offer, with the experience of the established members assisting the new. A Training Class is run on a weekly basis which caters for novice to advanced handlers and dogs in Obedience up to Competition level, also Ringcraft sessions are incorporated alongside a puppy socialising section. Training classes are held  at 7.00 p.m. till 10 p.m. at Penyrheol Community Centre, Caerphilly, details from the secretary.


Rescue is run by Carol Miles who travels the length and breadth of Wales picking up unwanted and abandoned dogs. She then takes them to her own home where she assesses the dog with a view to finding it a permanent and loving home. This venture is subsidised by the Golden Retriever Club of Wales and the donations it receives from new owners of rescued dogs.

Puppy Register

This is run by the Golden Retriever Club of Wales to ensure that prospective Golden Retriever puppy owners are given the correct information when purchasing a new puppy. As with all breeds, puppy farming is a problem. The Golden Retriever club of Wales regularly advertises help and advice in Welsh Newspapers for the purpose of educating people considering purchasing a Golden Retriever puppy. All members of the Golden Retriever Club of Wales who have puppies for sale are eligible, provided they have been a member of the Club for twelve months, to place their puppies on this register. Subject to confirmation that all of the required health checks have been carried out, i.e. BVA (British Veterinary Association) hip scoring and eye tests. These tests are extremely important to the continuing quality of the breed; and considering the hereditary problems that Golden Retrievers are faced with these are the minimal requirements. The Golden Retriever Club of Wales cannot be held responsible if there is a health problem with a puppy that has been purchased through the Puppy Register, as the purpose of the Puppy Register is to provide information only, it is up to the individual to select their puppy carefully. The Register is regularly updated. This is to ensure that you are provided with the most up to date information possible as to new litters.

For any information regarding the above or what the Club has to offer its members or prospective members please telephone Mrs Frankie Prosser, Secretary of the Golden Retriever Club of Wales on 01685 371761 or email:

Area Covered

The whole of Wales