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Health Subcommittee

18 January 2010

Inaugural Meeting

An inaugural meeting of the Breed Council’s Health Subcommittee was held on Monday 18 January 2010 at the Kennel Club, London W1.

To meet Kennel Club requirements last year, the Breed Council had elected Mrs Margaret Woods as Breed Health Coordinator and at its meeting in October, Delegates had approved the formation of a ‘Health Subcommittee’. This would comprise the nominated Health Representatives of each Club plus Officers of the Council; and would refer its recommendations to the full Council. It also had been agreed that an initial meeting should be held in January 2010 in order to clarify its objectives and to set priorities for the future.

On this occasion, Representatives from ten Clubs were able to attend and considered the following conditions as known to affect Golden Retrievers:




4.Genetics of Hip Dysplasia and Estimated Breeding Values for hips

5.EBV for Elbows and ways to encourage breeders to screen elbows

6.Sub Aortic Stenosis and Heart screening

7.Ectopic Ureter

8.Skin problems and allergies

9.Registration of litters from non-screened parents

Initial discussions showed that there were some items where action is already underway, whilst others need further investigation in order to try to quantify the prevalence and severity of these conditions / diseases in the breed by gathering facts rather than anecdotal evidence.

The recommendations of the Health Subcommittee will be considered by individual Clubs and further discussed by Mrs Woods and Delegates to the next Council meeting on 12 May 2010. It is envisaged that there will be a follow up meeting of the Health Subcommittee later this year.

In the meantime, Mrs Woods plans to issue an informative Newsletter for general circulation, giving more details on specific problems and areas where help is sought; and will continue to work with the Clubs’ Representatives on an informal basis.

Mrs Woods may be contacted preferably via email: Breed Health Co-ordinator or by telephone on 01388 835112.

Christine Morrell - Secretary 23 January 2010