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12 May 2010

The 18th Breed Council AGM was held on Wednesday 12th May 2010 at the Kennel Club, London W1, followed by a Meeting of the Breed Council.


Chairman Peter Mills reported on activities during the past year, including the formation of a Breed Health Subcommittee; moves by Clubs towards improving training of prospective and novice judges; and continued lobbying of the Kennel Club by Council eg with suggestions for changes to the rules concerning the Junior Warrant points system and publication of Guarantors addresses on Show schedules. He thanked Clubs for taking the time to consider the many issues in committee and Delegates for bringing their feedback to Council, so helping to progress various topics. Delegates approved changes to Council's Rules to accommodate the role of the Health Coordinator and meetings of the new Subcommittee. Elections were held to formally elect Lynne Marrow as Treasurer and Margaret Woods as Breed Health Coordinator, both for the 3 year term 2010/13. It was noted that Barbara Mills had been elected as a Delegate to the KCLC Breeds Council for the next 3yrs, thereby giving direct representation for Goldens at this level.


The following items were discussed:

Health Matters: Margaret Woods reported back on the Health Subcommittee meeting held in January. Outside of disorders already being researched, viz. eyes, cancers and skin conditions, attention was focused on the need to collect data on incidence of epilepsy, ectopic ureter and heart problems.

Mrs Woods and Mr Mills had requested a meeting with the KC and AHT to review the DNA projects on hereditary eye conditions. For PRA, there is optimism that a DNA test could be available relatively soon; but there is less confidence regarding a test for HC which is more complex. Work investigating MRD had been suspended due to lack of samples and expiry of a grant form the KC Charitable Trust. However, the KC had agreed to assist with obtaining samples from dogs with consistent results of 'affected with MRD' and offered that further funding would be made available.

More samples from both affected animals and unaffected 'controls' are required for both the HC and MRD projects, as well as for the AHT's work on cancers affecting Goldens. Specific information and DNA swab test kits can be obtained from Mrs Woods (contact ).

Judges training & criteria: Clubs have been implementing a range of ideas to help 'novice' judges and Council Delegates continued to explore optimising the criteria for aspiring judges on B lists, in order to balance desirable levels of hands-on experience with current circumstances of reduced opportunities at Open shows. Around half of Clubs now have a requirement for fewer than 250 dogs to have been judged and therefore serious consideration will be given to reducing this number in the Council criteria. Breed Standard: many Clubs had had a proposal at their AGM from Mrs J Tudor to amend several clauses in the Standard. Although these changes were not accepted collectively, there was some feeling that individual points warranted further consideration and Clubs were asked to reassess the suggested modifications with a view to possibly bringing specific items forward in October. Another means of highlighting particular points of concern could be to utilise the KC Breed Watch facility.

Minimum age for neutering: there was broad support for a proposal from GRC of Northumbria that dogs and bitches should not be neutered before the age of 12 months (except in cases of medical urgency); and this opinion will be expressed to both the KC and BVA.

The Breed Council is to continue lobbying the KC regarding the latitude given for eye testing under the ABS (within 18mths of litter registration); and also the system for monitoring confirmation of mating by Stud dog owners when puppies are registered online. Representation with the KC Liaison Councils has strengthened which has helped with progressing issues, eg the JW points scheme.

Delegates were advised by Mr S Crookes/NGRA that it is possible obtain news from MPs on issues pertaining to dogs, eg on puppy farming, compulsory micro chipping, dangerous dogs etc, by signing up with the local MP; and that it would be timely to contact recently elected local MPs. Contact details are available on

Date of next meeting: Thursday 7 October 2010

Christine Morrell - Secretary